Waited 2 years for Paperweight

Nice! That reduces the anxiety a bit.

Curious why they never just send a replacement tube…seems like that would be easier than repackaging the whole thing.

Hey at least you probably haven’t stored your boxes and packing material yet. And the other (sort of) bright side is that you haven’t gotten good and addicted to it, like I was when my machine went down. I think living without it is much easier when you haven’t had a working one yet :slight_smile:

Still, it could be something else. Wait for support to chime in, they will be able to tell for sure.


They do - but not when your machine is still under warranty. Because if they sent you a tube, and it turned out to be something else you’d be without your machine for even longer

Post warranty they’re happy to sell you just the tube (or at least they have planned it that way - I don’t think anyone has had to replace yet)


They don’t consider the tube to be a user-replaceable part. They had originally hoped to have a drop-in replacement system for end users but they weren’t able to design a system that would work easily without a lot of difficult manual calibration. So instead their tube replacement service involves shipping the whole machine back to them. :frowning:

I’m sure this is something they’re going to look at again in the future when it comes time to design GF 2.0, as the cost savings on warranty replacements would be huge.


Aw man, I missed that somehow

Just to clarify - they’ve committed to shipping replacement non-warranty tubes, but they have said they won’t supply instructions(though i don’t know of anyone who has done it). So… whatever that means. I guess - you can do it, but you’re on your own.


There is a CHAT option. Once linked to the support page the chat button will show on the bottom of the page during their working hours.
Note that they are in Pacific Time (pretty sure), so may have to select a time that someone would be active there.

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Very frustrating…been there, twice. I’m on GF #3, but I can say that, as slow as it seems on your end, the support staff will jump through hoops to get you a working machine as soon as they can. I have been so frustrated and mad that I was ready to call it quits…but, I’m glad I didn’t. Hang in there!


I’m truly sorry for that experience, @troy, and I’m glad the others in this thread were able to weigh in and help.

It looks like my colleague Pip just replied to your email to let you know that unfortunately, we found that your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. We want you to have a reliable unit, so we’re recommending we replace this one. I’m so sorry about the bad news. I’m going to close this thread and we can work out the details via email.