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Hi having trouble getting in contact with someone! It’s actually frustrating! I ordered acrylic and spare parts for my machine… my order came with just the acrylic. There were missing items out of my box. I contacted them on Friday and a generic email came to me and then I called and emailed since and no one has contacted me back. Not sure if I should be contacting my credit card company at this time because no one seems to reach back out.

Has anyone else had this issue?

They can take several business days to respond.

Also, I am pretty certain materials and parts are supplied by different vendors in different locations. Glowforge does not have a warehouse, everything is outsourced.


(oh, and support has no visibility into product supply levels and shipping. It takes them a while to get to it, then they have to reach out to the supplier, and wait on a response, then get back to you.)

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