Waiting on a warranty replacement

I purchased my Basic 5 months ago, and am already down. I contacted customer support on 8/4 who diagnosed my problem and confirmed that my machine needed to be replaced with a refurbished unit since my machine is still under warranty. I was told I was going to be put on prioritized shipment, and that I would have my refurb in hand in 10 days or less. I did not receive an order confirmation until 8/6.

I reached out on 8/12 asking for a shipping update, since my business is hurting without my machine. I was told “your machine will arrive in 10 business days from your order confirmation date”.

So now, as it sits, I’ve been promised that my unit will arrive on 8/20, which is only two days from now, and It hasn’t even been dispatched. I am desperate to see some movement on my Refurb unit. I have over 200 customers who are waiting on orders that I can’t fulfill since my brand new machine has been a beautiful paperweight for the last two weeks.

Strangely, its’s been pretty common from the beginning to not get the shipping notices from GF until well after the machines are on their way or even arrived. Some kind of disconnect between the customer support systems and the factory (they’re in different states)
Try signing up for the UPS and FEDEX alerts, most people have gotten notices that way much sooner.


Yes, I’m familiar with that and already am receiving notices from UPS and FedEx whenever a package is on its way to me. I have received nothing, which is how I know for certain that it has not been sent yet.

Support will look into it for you as soon as they see this…unfortunately they have to rely on the estimates from the repair facility as to when a similar unit will be ready…and these days that’s not exact.

Hope you get it soon.

I’m so sorry you haven’t received your replacement Glowforge yet! I’m looking into the status of your shipment, and I’ll follow up here shortly.


Thank you so much!!!

Thank you for your continued patience. I don’t have your shipment confirmation just yet, but I wanted to check in and let you know we’re continuing to work on your order. I’ll provide an update for you tomorrow.

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I sincerely appreciate your help. I’m desperate to receive my replacement unit!

Good news! Your Glowforge is on its way. I’ve just sent you an email with your shipment details. Thank you again for hanging in there while we sorted this out.

I’m going to close this thread, but feel free to post a new topic or email support@glowforge.com if you have any other questions.