Waiting on email from Glowforge for instructions to return machine for repairs

On August 18th I contacted support through chat (which I can’t find now) about laser head not firing. It was determined that the machine would need to be sent back. When asked to verify email address to send paperwork to, I informed support of an updated email address which I would like the info sent too.

I have not received any such email regarding further instructions. I have also email support again on the 20th with another alternative email in which I have also not received any information on how to proceed.

I need this resolved today please. Please contact me ASAP

@scraporilla2 I’m so sorry to hear my email did not get to you I had sent it on Wednesday. I have sent you the email again for the next steps and will leave this ticket open until we can confirm you received the email.

Thanks for getting back to me. Can you please also send it to bonecreekpa@gmail.com. I would greatly appreciate it.


@scraporilla2 I have just sent the email please let me know when you have received it. Have a great day.

Thank you. Received the email and responded!


Thanks so much for the update I will close this topic now that we got the email figured out.

Have a great day.