Waiting on our Printer

We are still waiting on our order R497323133. We were supposed to get our Glowforge Basic at the end of October.

is there a timeline for when we will receive our unit? Thanks

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It’s 2018 and we would like to get our printer soon…

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If you go to https://glowforge.com/account there should be an indication of the date that :glowforge: will contact you to start their shipping process.

It’ll look something like this:

GF Noficiation estimate

That’s my date :frowning: Hopefully it doesn’t get even later.


I have a date for the Air Filter but not a date for the Glowforge…

Thus my inquiry

Well then! Hopefully someone can clarify that soon.
If you’re in the US, then you should have already received your shipping notification simply based on your order date. If that’s the case it likely got lost in the ether - or the spam bin long ago.

Keep an eye out for the email – that often means you are within 48 hours of receiving the acceptance email. No guarantees, of course.

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I think you should send an email to support@glowforge.com from the email address you used to order. A robot will reply almost immediately and you’ll want to check to make sure you get that robomail into your inbox. There’s some chance that they may have been trying to reach you already and it is getting filtered into your spam folder.


Agree. I recall seeing at least one person who got bitten by the GF sending system having a bug very recently where a bunch of people didn’t get their email although GF thought they were sent out.

Oh no! It looks like our message didn’t arrive.

I’ve resent the email that asks if you’d like to receive your Glowforge now.

Be sure to check your spam folder and add “hello@glowforge.com” and “support@glowforge.com” to your contacts to make sure important emails from us always get through.

If you don’t see the email, please let us know here or reach out to us at support@glowforge.com.



We got that email back in October. We responded that we wanted it right away and that we could wait for the filter.

From: info@glowforge.com
Subject: Updated shipping schedule for your Glowforge delivery - happy October!
Date: October 10, 2017 at 5:43:51 PM PDT
To: ewrenn@echohorizon.org
Resent-From: bounces+1880046-c9ec-ewrenn=echohorizon.org@mail1.glowforge.com
Reply-To: info@glowforge.com

Hi Elaine Wrenn,

We know you’ve been waiting to hear from us for quite a while now. Since you placed your order for a Glowforge Basic, a lot has happened - months turned into years as we worked to make your Glowforge amazing. In June, we emailed you to expect your order by the end of October.
This week, we’re sending schedule updates to every one of our customers to let them know the status of their order. Here’s yours: your Glowforge delivery is right around the corner! Your Glowforge order is scheduled to start the shipping process by the end of this month.

Here’s what to expect:
Before the end of October, you’ll get an email asking if you want your Glowforge delivery now.
If you answer yes, it will be up to six weeks (usually less) before it arrives.
You can, of course, contact us to cancel your order at any time.
The light at the end of the (Glowforge) tunnel should be looking a whole lot brighter right now! While our date is only an estimate, we’ve gotten a lot better at hitting our estimates lately.

I do have one piece of bad news. Production on the Glowforge Air Filter you ordered has been delayed, and is estimated to ship to you on 04/06/18. The design is not performing as well as you deserve, and we don’t want to take it to production until it’s every bit as good as your Glowforge printer. This is still a rough date, and we’ll be working to refine it. You’ll have the choice of receiving your Glowforge printer immediately and using a window or dryer vent for the exhaust until your Air Filter arrives, or holding delivery until it is ready.

To keep you posted, we’re going to update your account page to include your latest estimate for when your Air Filter will ship: https://glowforge.com/account. You won’t see it yet, but we’ll add it to the page in the next few weeks. We’ll update that page regularly as we get information on production so it stays as accurate as possible.

Of course, on top of everything you paid, for, you’re getting a lot more for your wait:
• First of all, you got an outrageous value. The price you paid for your Glowforge is no longer available and may never be again.
• We decided to give you an extra 6 months of warranty for a total of 12 months warranty for your Glowforge Basic, which is currently unavailable to anyone else.
• Precision Power mode is so precise and controlled that you can cut, score, and even engrave everyday copy paper.
• For each month that your order has been delayed, we’re giving you $20 credit that you can use in our newly launched Design Catalog or Proofgrade shop to buy designs, materials, or even spare parts.
• We’re also giving you a $50 Design Catalog gift certificate that you’ll also receive when your unit ships.
• We’re sending you a free package full-sized premium Proofgrade materials worth over $150.
• Speaking of Proofgrade, we also added a limited warranty to all of our Proofgrade materials.
• If you’d like to try out other laser-compatible materials, you can use the $50 Inventables gift certificate that we’ll also be sending you.
• You’ll get access to the designs for every Glowforge-made product we showed in our launch video, free of cost, as we add them to our catalog.
And of course, as Glowforge Founder, you’ll also get a 10% discount on Proofgrade materials and in the Design catalog through the end of 2018.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and congratulations for making it this far! We can’t wait to see the amazing things you’re going to make.

That’s not it. It’s the email promised by that email that asks you if you want the machine now. It sends you to a webpage where you have to click “yes” or “no”.

Thanks for the quick response @ewrenn! Unfortunately, that’s not the email we sent to initiate your shipping process.

I checked on your account and we’ve received your information. We will send you another email with tracking information as soon as your Glowforge ships.

I’m going to close this thread, if you have any other questions please post a new topic or email support@glowforge.com.

We’re so excited to get you your Glowforge!