Waiting while Glowforge "preparing your print"

Haveing a heck of a time getting my Glowforge to work today. I have student work I need to get done and my machine is stuck on “preparing your print” for about 10 minutes (this is for one engrave 4x6 inch) We have the subscription.
Just updated IOS to Big Sur, checked my browser (chrome and up to date)
I am guessing the problem is at your end? It is 10am EST so the traffic on the server should be low.

Not always accurate but the Glowforge Status page shows everything operational.


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First guess would be a problem with the file, since that has been the reason for me when the machine locks up on prep.

If you post the file here we could have a look. If you don’t want to do that, you could send it to support for them to check out.


Hi @ajhoward. I’m sorry to hear that your Glowforge is getting stuck “preparing to print”. I saw you were working with a fellow team member on this through and opened chat this morning. To avoid any confusion or miscommunication, I’ll close this thread so we can continue with any follow up through that chat and any subsequent emails. Thank you!