Walk like an Egyptian


Loved this song by the Bangles, so I just had to make an alter ego that I could pose accordingly. He can also Limbo and run away in fear from an incoming asteroid strike.

The maquette is Rob Ives design. I would love to have purchased the files, but he only offers the arm for sale. So, I bought that and then engineered the rest of it from pictures. I’m thinking of making interchangeable hands for even more fun.


May I ask what you used for the ‘spoked balls’ that you have as joints ?
Wooden drilled bead plus dowel ?
I’m thinking/trying to modify an artist’s model, wooden hand, so that I have better articulation in the thumb.
I need it to be able to hold a fan, and then to reproduce a number of them, hopefully on the GF.


:heart:️ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!! :heart:

I want one!!!:smiley:


Amazing, really wonderful!


Here’s a link to Rob Ives’ web site. It shows the details.


Thanks -bookmarked !



The ‘balls’ are 1/2" wood “beads” with a through hole. The ‘spokes’ are 1/8" wood dowels glued into the through holes.


Looks like inspiration for http://flatfab.com/


This thing is so cool!


That looks awesome!


That is so incredibly cool! (And now I’ve got the song running through my head!) :smile:
Great job finishing it up.


Really clever use of rethinking a design, looks great. (and Jules, me too)


I know it is still early but I do think you have won the forum for the day. Great stuff!


So cool! Looks like you nailed your design - posable but still strong enough to support the weight of a full-on limbo. Nice work!


Hopefully this will be in the store someday…soon!


Ha! I was at the dentist this morning (a whole bunch of dental work coming up now, oh joy) and they were actually playing this song in the lobby.


At least yours plays cool music…mine is into relaxing elevator music. (Bleah!) :neutral_face:


Oh he definitely needs a “hitch hikers” thumb! Ha! :sunglasses:


Everyone should have one of these! Amazing job! Love it!!!


Today, he’s feeling a bit nostalgic for the Bee Gees…