Wall Art Pieces - or Warts as they're sometimes called (maybe - you don't know)


Here’s a project I personally really enjoyed and will definitely revisit; wall art. The graphic design is really simple - though it took me maaany hours of tinkering to get right because I didn’t know my tools. But once the pieces are cut, they can be painted using regular watercolors. I used the kind that comes in tubes (as opposed to the kind that comes in blocks), but it was cheap hardware store stuff. The material is pure wood, Proofgrade wouldn’t work because it has a layer of varnish on it, water color won’t take. The pure wood is cheaper, if you can find it, but it warps like CRAZY and it stains when you cut it (tape it up).

It’s a fun thing to do with kids; cut the pieces in advance (leave a few cuts for the wow factor) and then let the kids pick the colors. (Maybe don’t let them go to dark? I had to toss one piece because it came out super dark. I was like “really? dark gray, black and brown?” - didn’t work, was never going to. Kids, what do they know anyway?). Paint it and glue it up. Boom, project in 20 minutes (if you pre-cut the pieces).


Very pretty and colorful. Very nice execution!!!


That came out looking great!

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Sweet! Looks like a wooden quilt. :grinning:

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Wonderful rustic feel…

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I really likes this, love the frame as well!

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Turned out really nice!