Wall mount drink sleeve holder

I always seem to get stuck on designs based around an idea and make many different options around those ideas for awhile before I move on to the next thing lol.

I been stuck on many versions of drink holders/drink related accessories like this latest one is a wall mounted drink sleeve holder.

Holds up to 15 sleeves and pretty easy to edit the slots if needed if using specific sleeves or if wanting a different fit. Made it to work with 1/8 proofgrade. I also made two versions this one is the removable wall mount so I can load it when it’s off the wall, I also made one that is more secure but requires it to be non removable and loads while on the wall.

If you’d like to make your own it comes with both versions and the files can be found here if you want those: freshstartcustoms.com or etsy.com/shop/freshstartcustoms


Great idea, you could even use part of the shelf to display one on a can.


Nice, good idea for companies who give the sleeves for promos too!

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