Walnut Anniversary Ring

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Was needing some inspiration to get my Glowforge fired up and @crd013’s request touched me. I know they will like their machine when it comes but not being able to at least have something tangible would bite. And another user’s success will be shared by all of us. Picture says it all.

I had the idea of using 1/4" walnut hardwood that I have and make two circles, One slightly smaller than the other. I’d leverage the kerf draft at that difference to be able to slip one inside the other after inverting it. I think having the concentric laminations going against each other made it a bit stronger.

It worked fairly well. Just a couple test pieces to ensure there was enough wood to hold up. A little tight bond and some sanding to finish, plus some tung oil.

Engraved initials. and wedding date Smallest engraving I have done. That was interesting to get figured out.

675 LPI does the trick.

Needed a little jig to hold it at the right height for engraving.

I used my rolled stamp box for a ring box and cut some poly felt for a holder.

A couple of tests. I had some nice thin mahogany veneer that I cut some rings out to put on either edge of the walnut. That made a cool ring, but I didn’t quite get a ring that would hold up on the edge from that piece of wood and I didn’t take the time to keep trying. That version is the ring in the jig getting engraved.

The post this past week about a pen barrel made from stacked rings is exactly what I was thinking of doing if the concentric ring thing with the walnut didn’t work out. I had some purple heart to mix with the mahogany and that would have been a cool ring. Will still give it a try.


So cool! I’ve been wanting to try the layered veneer rings, but I think I like your approach better. :slight_smile:


Nice work, nice technique and nice gesture! Hadn’t thought much about rings, but this is an interesting area especially with the different wood possibilities. Worth a try for sure!


Nice! Gets me to thinking in 3 dimensions. I’m looking forward to the stacked version too, that would be cool in different woods for contrast.


Wonderful work, and I love you used your stamp roll box,


Clever use of the stamps jig! :sunglasses: :+1:


Such a wonderful story, and you’re so generous to jump right in and make such a memorable ring. She’s clearly thrilled. Once they have their Glowforge up and running they will look forward to making cool things as well.


The joy on her face says it all. :heart_eyes:
Thanks for sharing that!

Nice work Marion. You walk an exemplary path through this life, making friends left and right. Honored to be one of them.


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