Walnut "drawers" for nightstand



Here’s a simple project that my wife requested – Storage boxes that fit in our nightstands. Sizing was critical in that we didn’t want the space completely closed, but also didn’t want our feline keepers to think we had made them new beds…

Love that :proofgrade: Walnut ply!


While simple, this design takes four sheets of :proofgrade: per box, so it’s time to order eight more for the other side. Still cheaper than anything else we liked and were able to get the exact size we wanted. :wink:

🎶 16 candles

Those are perfect for that unit! What a great match! :grinning::+1:


The perfect fit for your personal space … that’s the biggest selling point of having a Glowforge! Very nice!


Like a bought one!


Those are really classy. This is exactly the kind of solution I love to see.


These are gorgeous! I’ve been making very simple boxes, too…in cherry…which is also really pretty. I love that kind of storage…and wow…they really match so nicely in the walnut. Good job!


My little bugger would have those pulled out and curled up in within hours…lol
Those are awesome!


Simple, sweet. And I’m sure you’ll find some uses for all that scrap.


Perfect match! :sunglasses:


Whoa! Very nice match to the nightstands.