Walnut PG Rating

I am going to start rating every type of material I can get ahold of over time to give people different ideas of what works well and what doesn’t from my perspective. I am sure there was a few things in this one that I missed that should have been covered but for my first video on it, I don’t think it turned out to bad. I am hoping this helps give people an idea of different material types both PG and Non PG before they get their hands on it. I would have liked to go over box joints too. I kind touched base on joints but not as much as I would like (btw walnut pg ply is great for them). Anyways here is the video, let me know what you think and if there is a type that you would like to see next.

Also this is just based on my opinion, if you have a different opinion on this or each type of material I rate, let me know below and reasons why. I always like to hear different perspectives, kinda why I made the video for others to see my thoughts.

Thanks for taking time to watch it.


What’s the rating?

I said 7 out of 10 for this one just because engravings show darker but 9 out of 10 if using for combinations with other materials for items like in the video.

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