Wand Holder

I’ve lurked for over a year, finally figured out that I can switch from my best friend’s profile, (who bought the Glowforge), to my own profile, and now I figured I’d finally post something I made.
Last May 4th my wife and I got married, (Star Wars geeks, May the Fourth be with you… :wink:), and we went to Universal and Disney for our honeymoon. The both of us got picked for the wand choosing, and I just recently started making some wand holders, so we can display them, instead of them just sitting in a box on a shelf.
Here’s the one I made for my wand, my wife’s is up next.
This is layered white and transparent green acrylic, with the etched parts painted with “super black” spray paint, and then layered on a piece of baltic birch, with a gray stain. The actual pieces holding the wand upright are made from clear acrylic.


Oh, gorgeous job! :grinning:


Wow! Really nice layering of mediums! Definitely looks better than storing the wand in a box on the shelf…lol



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Haha! Thank you. It definitely wracked my brain for a little bit.

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I love how we’re a bunch of giant geeks. My thought process: “Wand holder? Totally sensible.”


What a great job you did on that! Definitely steps up the wand display up a notch.


Looks amazing! Love the layers!

So cool I’ll even over look that it is Slytherin. Great share.

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Thanks! But it’s actually the Dark Mark, for the Deatheaters and Voldemort.

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That’s right. Ha. Shows how prejudiced I am to Slytherin. It’s all the same for me.

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Yeah, Ravenclaw is the best anyhoo. :sunglasses:

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Ah fellow Slytherin! Much awesome. My wand is still in the box. I need to change that.

That is amaze balls! My Slytherin niece is going to be so jealous!

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