Wanderlust Forge

I rarely post, but wanted to share my last month.

I am a full time RVer, and in April, I took the travel trailer in for new axels, and I went from Colorado to Delaware with my Forge in the back of the truck, tucked in the original box of course, visited my parents and went in for surgery myself. Forged pieces at the beach while recovering.

Got back to Colorado last week picked up the camper and headed to Wyoming, Forge tucked in the back of the camper.

I am in a Kampground :wink: with wifi, and now getting some work accomplished. I am selling my pieces next week in Yellowstone at the General Store at Old Faithful and fingers crossed that I have enough inventory.

It does take time getting set up to each new network, and when I am in cell range, I do use my cell phone hot spot. I camp in Forests, so I try to plan cutting in cell/wi-fi areas and finish pieces in the woods.

I did hit a few potholes in my travels, and got a little hot under the collar. I do have foam in place when traveling and of course tied down.

What can I say, I am so impressed by this machine. I have Forged in 3 states now, and next week Montana!

I am looking forward to my air filter so it is just a tad less obvious that I am doing something in the trailer with this piece of equipment, camping folks are inquisitive types.

Here’s one of the pieces I am taking to Yellowstone:


What a great story! :grinning:


Thanks Jules! I’ve been on the road for about a year now, and it is a blast. Big learning curve… I write about it here, if you want more stories: watchsylviago.com


Biggest problem you seem to have is staying in one spot long enough for materials to arrive.
If using Goofgrade that is not an issue I suppose, but the delay on Proofgrade would be a bother.

Glad to hear you are living your dream - Laser on…


Congratulations on cutting the cord. I full timed for about 10 years in a converted Greyhound bus and had a ball. Unfortunately no Glowforge back then.


Materials! I usually use a 1/4 baltic birch. I can find that most anywhere in the west and cut it down. Delaware though, you have to be a contractor to buy it, and I was able to make a connection with a cabinet man to supply me while I was there.


I tried to play life backwards by “retiring” while still young enough to enjoy it. No Glowforge or 3D printer back then, so I did my 3d printing in wax by hand and cast it into jewelry in my 40’Tombstone - Fort Huachuca school bus that the workshop was in the front and living area in back.

I now have a regular 40’ motorhome but now it is more anchor than freedom as much that I did then is not now available.

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Amazing story! I think you win the frequent forger miles award.

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Hmm, maybe you should just camp in CO, WA, CA, AK and a few other states until the filter arrives :wink:, or just accept you’re going to make a certain type of friend wherever you go.

or walk 20 feet to a neighboring state. That is an odd restriction.

Ha! I was referring more to the fact that I am a single woman working with an expensive piece of equipment in the middle of no where. You wouldn’t believe how many people have told me to get a gun.


I don’t think the alignment issues are that bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know a single woman who likes to take multi-day hiking trips and pretty much everyone new she meets says something along those lines. Sometime she can take her dog, but only if the trail is within driving distance.

Oh, goodness! This is what my hubs and I have been thinking about for about six months now!
New mantra: Does it fit in the 5th-wheel (as we look at new purchases). Thank goodness, George (our GF) will fit!

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Great story, you should visit Dan and the team and campout at HQ.

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Ahhh, sounds dreamy! My 5-year plan is to own a tiny home/5th wheel and a pickup truck. Just today, I’ve been scouring pinterest for tiny house layouts. My requirements are steps instead of ladders, and a place to setup the GF!