Waning crescent test

I didn’t like this when it first came off the Glowforge (not proofgrade, not enough contrast.) But staring at it the last couple of weeks (I put it over the toilet!) the detail is really growing on me!

For ref: this is my original photo from November 1st of this year.


It’s gorgeous! I like the way the detail gives way to rough texture at the bottom.

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I agree that looks great, nice job.

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I like it a lot. I assume that is weathered wood. Did the laser engrave to make lighter areas?

I have the same question. Why is the engraved area lighter than the background?

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It’s not weathered wood. Just a piece I bought from a maker member of the idea foundry when she moved. All the dark parts are the engraved parts. And as to why the background is lighter than engraved portions… not sure. I just “set it and forget it” and when I pulled the part, this is what I got.


Well it worked really nicely

Ahh ha so not an isolated shot of the moon but the night sky behind it!

Yep! I do not know how to crop photos into a circle yet.

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You need aliens to crop circles…


On the other hand if you use gimp to mask the area outside the circle and make it totally white it will not print or even run the laser there. The GFUI will not recognise a clipped image but I still clip them in Inkscape so they operate as if they were that size.while working in inkscape

Absolutely wonderful!!


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To me, its begs the question did we really land on the moon or did we. Superb.

Looks great! I’m very fond of photos of the moon.

Me too. I rotated the above crescent moon pic 90 degrees and use it as my iphone wallpaper. (the photo not the engraving)

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This is very nice! What are the overall dimensions?

12" x 8-3/8"