Wanna see what a laser does to 13 oz leather?

I did up a swatch on some 13 oz vegetable tanned leather I got from a large online leather retailer (rhymes with Candy). Figured I would share my swatch so not everyone has to go through this nonsense.

I should have masked, but you get the idea. Low speeds and high power = not great choice.


Try 2% and 1000 speed. No mask except when cutting through it.


I bet the smell was something…:grimacing::face_vomiting:


What settings cut through it?

Didn’t get that far. I’ll probably start at 500, full power at one pass to start with.

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Smelled a bit like burnt meat, not as terrible as you’d think. Of course, I did have it vented outside, so I didn’t get the brunt of it.


Here is an example of what I was able to do with the same type of leather from the same supplier.


Yes, I masked the material before cutting and scoring. Cutting took 2 to 3 passes using the PG medium leather settings.


What do you use to mask your leather???

Any kind of paper masking works - I use something similar to this, but buy it in larger rolls:

Vinyl Transfer Tape (Paper)

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Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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I foresee fancy designs lasered into armour bits in our future! Thighs might be too big to fit, but shoulders, forearms, shins, and hands should all fit with no real issues. Hmmmmm