Want to buy proofgrade stuff for 25% off?

I’m a user outside of the US based in Singapore. I was an early supporter of the Glowforge on Kickstarter and have perhaps $600+ in credits that they gave me due to the fulfilment delay. I can’t really use this, because shipping the materials from the glowforge store to Singapore costs wayyyyy too much. Plus, buying acrylics and wood panels from China is much cheaper for me as sea shipping is easily available.

So I’d like to offer anyone a ~25% discount off suppliers direct from the glowforge store… (e.g. you pay me $75 for every $100 of stuff). this is of course on top of the discounted pricing they have going on right now…

maybe you contact me on my whatsapp / email and arrange what you might want to buy from the glowforge store, you could probably pay me over paypal (so there’s protection for you) and i buy it directly for you from the glowforge store and ship it direct to your address…

interest parties please email me for my phone number… garry at garry dot sg



That’s ~17.3%. Just because my math-brain went “wait… that’s not 20%” :rofl:


lol true. to be fair i said ~20 :slight_smile:

discount adjusted to 25%! if anyone is still interested!

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