Want to see what's coming out of your laser?

About a month ago I installed a BOFA inline pre-filter between my GF Pro and my BOFA filter. In that month I’ve cut minimal MDF, did about 12hrs of engraving PG walnut and cut lots of mirrored and cast acrylic. Today I opened up the pre-filter to see what it’s caught and this is what I found. This is a 24"x12"x28" pleated filter. When it was new a month ago, it was the color of what you see in the lower right corner of the photo. Nasty stuff, and I thought some of you might find it interesting to see.


How does the first filter in the BOFA filter look like? Also are the pre filters expensive? Thanks for the info!

The first filter in the BOFA is a HEPA prefilter. I’ve changed that once in a year and the visual portions were a little discolored - but those are the areas the air comes out of. No clue what it looked like inside but it couldn’t have been pretty. The big problem was that as business has picked up I’m now burning through $380 carbon modules every 3-4 weeks.so the hope is the pre-filter would prolong the carbon life to their BOFA-projected 4-6 month life.

Prefilter unit was about $650, the bag insert is about $120. So if this works the payoff will be relatively quick. (I’m on my 5th carbon module & 2nd HEPA in 10 months)

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