Wanting an update on international shipping

@dan Now that both basic and pro have started shipping, and packaging have been improved, I would appreciate a few words on international shipping/customers in the next monthly update.


Yes sir!!! I been watching you PATIENTLY waiting from Norway!
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I hope you get your forge first!!! ( internationally )


It seems that it would create some good energy and will if a little information regarding the challengse of international delivery was forthcoming. No specifics about countries, but perhaps the surprises that they are encountering.

On one hand that could assist in easing worries and create empathy. The other side of that issue is that the moment you show a vulnerability, it can become a rallying point for accusations of negligence and poor planning.

How would one navigate the communication challenges of putting more information out there for people that has the potential of more negatives for the company than positives? Yes, transparency does make a play toward attending to a customer’s needs; however, in the long run it can be an occasion to encourage even more criticism and negative energy and problematic relations with others.

I do think that some attention to the International Shipping Problem is required. The initial marketing did not differentiate local/international deliveries. The nature of the internet is that when something is marketed, one can assume that other than customs, taxes and shipping, everything would be treated equal. That really isn’t the case. Evidently there are many more challenges that expected as there are many more orders and many more international orders than expected. At least how I read it.


That’s the issue. There’s little upside and a whole lot of downside to get into any kind of detail beyond “we’re working on it”. There’s a small chance that any additional information will result in positive benefit/perception of GF and a much greater likelihood it’s just one more thing they get grief about. So why invite the additional trouble?

Seeing how people react to any announcement that is less than unicorns and babies riding on rainbow strollers, the merest hint of difficulty with any country’s import process would likely ignite a firestorm.


Just putting this out there… If they ship me mine, I promise to keep my mouth shut and not post a “Just got my international golden ticket!” thread. :smiley:


but maybe they want the reverse! ~~~~~


Heh… I’m flexible on the circle of people I’d be willing to give insight to the shipment.

well, in addition to being a laser herald for your community, you must hop on one leg while wearing @dan’s favourite colours and humming the glowforge summoning song


and video, or it didn’t happen.


Appreciated your thoughtful reply. I think some attention from Glowforge would be timely now as international deliveries has been ignored in the last three updates. The only mention of it has been as forthcoming somewhere in the undefinable future.

I can see that Glowforge has an balance act between investors, competitors and customers to minimize potential damage to the company. But now we surely must be so near the launch endgame that I can’t see the benefit from keeping us completely in the dark anymore. I’ve been around for almost two years now, I won’t be scared off from a couple of months certification delay or gantries that don’t hold up under shipping. Avoidance and reluctance to address questions might do it though.


I’m not saying it won’t happen… but… maybe that’s why it’s failed, because I’ve yet to see the GFSS in its entirety. Care to enlighten me? :slight_smile:


USA First, Germany second!


The last mention of approvals was that they didn’t have NRTL certification for domestic approvals yet so they can’t be used in the US in workplaces, etc. Does anybody know if that is still the case? I don’t suppose anything will happen with OS shipments until that is sorted.

Well if the label posted two weeks ago is any indication, they’re still not openly UL approved. I can’t find anything to cite that relates to NRTL, but Canadian CSA-UL approval generally happens quickly if there’s precedent UL support.

UL support on products only sold within the US isn’t required, though. Would not be surprised if many Americans get their UL approval stickers in the mail, once Internationals start shipping.


My Golden Email, received 8/21/2017, said they still did not have NRTL certs, and I could delay shipment if it was something that was needed.


It is required by OSHA, NFPA, and most local zoning ordinances when used in a commercial/government facility.

I once saw an OSHA inspector flip out because a UL approved coffee maker was labeled “For Household Use Only”.


You’re right. Commercially, it’s required. I meant to say that for US consumers, it’s buyer beware. I got lost in reading the comments of this thread:


pro link. what i find interesting in that top answer is that (perhaps unsurprisingly?) a number of these certs can sometimes be acquired in one go via the same testing house. that must make things a little easier on everyone.

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Several years ago the Kansas City OSHA office (I think that was the location) fined themselves for OSHA violations.


Here you go…

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