Warehouse Delay

Just got this email :

“ I’m writing with bad news. I’ve just learned that your new Glowforge printer will arrive late. It was scheduled for delivery on or before 6/12 , and it looks like it will not be dispatched from our warehouse until next week.

This is not what we wanted for you to have as your first experience with our product. You should be unboxing your Glowforge and printing amazing things right away, not having to wait for shipment.”

This is unacceptable, as I paid $4000 for the Plus model as it was not back ordered. If I wanted to wait , I would have bought the Basic model. ($2500)

The promised shipped date was on or before June 12, and I get an email on the day it is supposed to arrive?

I have made several arrangements to be ready to receive it today, June 12th . I took a day off Work, I got help to setup, not to mention, to jobs I’m waiting to do on the machine.

This is not ok with me, and I hope this is not how Glowforge does business.

Things happen. There’s a pandemic that’s affecting all sorts of supply lines, and even without the pandemic, production is subject to obstacles that just can’t always be predicted. If one order of critical parts is unexpectedly delayed or arrives with unacceptable parameters, production dates and numbers shift without warning. The Glowforge is pretty magical, but the company is still subject to supply and production problems. Personally I’d much rather delay my shipment than go ahead and use inferior parts to get it to me on time.


My delivery date bounced back and forth from early January to late March and I was expecting it in the first of March when it arrived in early February. There were many factors beyond anyone’s control but you will be getting it at the earliest moment which is better than let it hang around till some date that would be certain.

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I ordered a plus when it said delivery by May 18th. I believe mine was about a week past the expected delivery date as it was actually delivered on the 26th or so. Partially that was Fedex’s fault as it was originally scheduled to be delivered on a Friday of Memorial Day weekend, but Fedex changed it to Tuesday at the last second so I had to wait 4 additional days.

Overall the wait was worth it. It’s frustrating, especially when I wanted it here so I could spend the long weekend learning to use it, but I’m sitting next to Vincent VanGlow now and pumping out stuff so the trials and tribulations from shipping are behind me.

Good luck with your shipping. It’s frustrating that they don’t have an integrated system between the order and shipping system, and that it takes 24 hours to get a response from support for them to just say they don’t know when it will ship. But it will get there.

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If you are in the US I would suggest you sign up for both of these. You will get a notification any time a company creates a shipping label to your address. Least this way you’ll know if something is coming before you take off any work.

FedEx Delivery Manager

UPS My Choice


They are probably having trouble with parts.

The last week I have been in both Sam’s club and Costco. Never have I EVER seen inventory in the electronics section as low as it is right now.

Whole sections are empty in the stores.


@TimAskins I see that you have emailed about this and we will communicate further information there.

This is true, I work in the same industry as Glowforge manufacturer and parts have been “hijacked” to build project to to fight CoVid19. Could be used for a TV or used for a medical device. If its for CoVID19 and we can prove it, we might get it. I had to beg for a component as my company build hospital equipment to treat severely infected patients and the factory gave it to us even though we ordered last in the queue.

I can’t say that’s why Glowforge is delaying but I’m sure that is factor


I need a fuel injector for my car. I was told it will take well over a month as the auto manufacturers are making ventilators. This is our life right now.


This keeps the company running, if you are an essential business switching to build hospital equipment would have avoided the lockdown as well thus laying off people


Please don’t think I am complaining. I’m just stating a fact. I’m more than thankful that I have food on my table as I know many are struggling right now. But I think most are doing the best they can and yelling here post after post, or yelling at the poor lady at the Chevrolet place is not going to change things.

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