Warhammer Terrain

This is probably the most elaborate thing I have made with a laser cutter. Designing it in Sketchup was “difficult”, because of all the angled parts.

It was a gift for my son, who likes to play WarHammer.

It’s made in multiple sections.

You can see more of it on my blog at: Making The Cut: Fortress of Redemption


You’re going to have a lot of people interested in your patterns. At our office, if nothing else.

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That made me chuckle.

What materials were you using? Your stuff is looking amazing. BOOKMARKED

That is all MDF. I’m using a combination of 1/8 and 3/16 inch thick sheets.

The 3/16 sheets are coated with white on one side. I usually “inlay” the 3/16 into the 1/8, so that it protrudes by 1/16th of an inch. That is how some of the areas looked raised.

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The GF has inspired me to start ‘making’ things again, and these are the things that I want to start building. Any recommendations on reading in terms of painting, materials and such?

Amazing work! Would love to see more of what you’ve done. Fantastic

These are gorgeous! I want to do something similar to this for a boardgame we have called Spector Ops. I think there’s a ton of potential here to breathe new life into flat things like board games and maps, even illustrations from favorite children’s books or drawings. For the draw and engrave feature, it would be neat to offer an automatic option that adds little crossbar ‘feet’ to hand drawn cuttings so that kids can draw something and stand it up to play with it. (Maybe engrave a little notch that the foot stand can click into to prevent it from falling out easily.)