Warning! A Purse was harmed in the making of this project!

My wife desided it was time to retire her old purse that she’s taken to many events to get a new one. She’s had this purse for several years and holds a lot of memories from different things we’ve done in the past. So instead of getting rid of it I told her to let me make something cool out of it so memories can live on. I decided to cut it down and make a Purse Pattern Memory Photo Holder (most creative name I could come up with for this.)! This thing turned out great! My original design was going to even have a frame on top of all of this but it was already smaller than what was in my head and the frame would have made it only be able to hold one photo. Plus this way looks way cooler and more sleek design. It makes it pop off the wall. #Glowforge

Finally finished Project:

Steps to make:

Here’s a link to all of my free files that I make, this project file is in here as well, you can download the illustrator file straight from here if you would like or can make your own custom sized one too (this one is 12 by 7): https://www.facebook.com/groups/fscfreefiles/

Step one: Start with a purse

Step two: Manually cut the purse apart carefully to get as much pattern as possible.

Step Three: Laser cut out the center wood piece, wrap the material around the center wood piece then staple down the material. Then cut off the extra material on the corners.


Step Four: Print the back piece with any wood you choose and nail it on the back, I plan on painting my back piece later on to cover up the chip board I used.

Step Five: Flip it over and attach photos with safety pin, double sided tape, etc.



Hope this helps someone. It would make a great gift.

If you would like to see some of my other creations you can check out my main page: fb.me/freshstartcustoms I also have some custom non proof grade settings that I tested on my notes tab on that page too if you’d like to see any of those too.


Way to reuse and recycle! :sunglasses::+1:

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Ha ha. Yea my wife actually decided to get rid of quite a few of her older ones.

Fantastic repurpose of a treasured object! This would work for tshirts, prom dresses, etc.

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This is so cute! You guys are so cute!

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What a beautiful PPMPH ! Nice way to salvage/recycle as well as preserve memories associated with the purse! End result was fantastic !

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Thank you

I appreciate the input. I thought it turned out cooler with out the frame I was going to do because of the way it floats off the wall.

Love the concept! You’ll be thinking of those fun events everytime you see it on the wall.

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