Warning: dirty picture

Before and after cleaning, guess which side is which?


Did you clean it with black magic or something?How can the rest of us achieve such results?

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Before I say anything: don’t do this, I have no idea if it’s dangerous or bad for the Glowforge, and you should not take my word for anything here!

That being said…

Windex and paper towels. Use a lot of windex on the towels so they are really damp (but not dripping) and then wipe. Gunk comes right off. Switch towels a lot, and don’t let any windex pool.

Also don’t do this anywhere near any electronics, use a much more careful approach near LEDs and cameras and whatnot. Liquid plus electronics = bad.


Yeah I use windex but I cover the LED and camera even though I now put it on the towel and not spray the machine.

Overspray had the LED going bonkers first time I did it. Shut it down for a spell to shed the moisture.

If you’re worried about it turn the machine off and/or unplug it. Wash away. Let dry completely. It’s not the water; it’s the water conducting electricity where it shouldn’t be going. Also, cleaning solutions that leave a residue that could conduct electricity may be bad.

You should be able to blow a fan on it if you want to be extra careful. As the glowforge is blowing air around during a cut the electronics should be ionized-air-proof. Even if there is a do not wash part exposed it’ll be fine - do not wash packages are meant for higher pressure washes than wiping with a cloth.