"Warning: Laser!" sign

Now that I’ve ordered a GlowForge, I made a “Warning: Laser!” sign for my workshop. I know, it’s a little premature, but I’m really looking forward to having my own laser-cutter.

I used the off-cut of the first sign to make a second sing. They are made from Baltic birch and stained with Verathane Gel Stain. I’m not sure which design I like better. I prefer the look of the left one, but I find the right one easier to read.


Very cool. Id use the left laser and person cut out on the right sign. Best of both worlds!

looks like a perfect in the box project to me.

They certainly get the point across Mr. Goldfinger.

The sign in our makerspace reads “Warning! Do not look into laser with remaining good eye!” :wink:

Seriously, a warning sign would be a reasonable precaution with the Pro model, as it has the pass-through doors, but might be overkill for the base model.

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Thats a great sign! any chance you could share the image file?

Hi David,

I will be sharing my designs once the catalog is up and running.


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