Warning to all the "makers" out there


Stories like this make me feel like all 3D printers, CNCS, laser cutters, etc should have legislation that makes them come with big stickers saying “don’t be stupid”.

For reference, Oshawa is just east of Toronto. And just till not all to long ago was just a small factory town.


Feel sad for the guy.
Lesson: know your material


are bullets laserable? (j/k not serious, also, they are probably not)


Casings are etchable depending on the material, and probably with cermark or something. There is a company that makes custom lasered bottle openers and such out of spent ammo casings, I saw them on Shark Tank a couple of years ago.

But yeah… not with gunpowder in them.


[quote]Police are reminding residents not to manipulate ammunition.



That’s one of the best animated GIFs I’ve ever seen. I will be using it.


Thanks! Wish I could say I made it, lol.


It’s the find, and the subsequent effort to share that counts! :slight_smile:


Why do I feel that the manual for the GF will now have a line “do not laser live ammo or any purpose built explosive . Warranty will not cover explosions and bullet holes.”

Unless I’m wrong, and the plastic case for the GF is both laser and bulletproof. Or is it just the software with Proofgrade materials that are bulletproof? :stuck_out_tongue:


“Nature keeps making better fools”


I… I can say I really believe this. How did pulling on the bullet with pliers ignite the powder? And the mass balance doesn’t work out in favor of the bullet flying free of the casing when there’s no chamber to contain the gas. Myth Busters covered something similar. Just my two cents


He probably squeezed the primer. If it was a rimfire, then even more likely.

And we all know how HORRIBLY IGNORANT most “journalists” are about most subjects, and how their articles are often so wrong and misleading because of that…

So, since the article stated that the doctors pulled fragments of brass out of him, I’m gonna go with the round exploded (since it was not supported), so it was like a mini bomb going off, rather than he actually “shot” himself.


This I’ll buy. The bullet itself probably didnt do more than bounce of his shirt. But the casing going to shrapnel I can get my head around


Good grief Batman! For some reason this story reminded me of the Darwin Awards and made me want to laugh and shake my head at the same time. What was he thinking? :astonished: - Rich


Can’t let “facts” get in the way of a “good” story.


Oh, look! It’s the first Trump quote of the day.

(Before you flag, step back lighten up, people!)


He didn’t “shoot” himself, he got hit by shrapnel. Likely compressed the primer with pliers. In any event, a $12 bullet puller would have saved him some agony.

To the is it etchable question, brass or steel casing would likely need ceremark, the copper around the projectile would need a coating and I’m not sure if you had a plain tipped lead round if lead is laserable.


As a kid I once popped a primer (just a primer, not a loaded live round; I’m not that dumb) with a nail & hammer.

I realllly don’t recommend it.



Nothing to do with politics and that expression, or similar, has been in use for ages.

So, in reply to your reply, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.”