Warp -1... ENGAGE!

So I’ve made what is, I’m sure, a rookie mistake. I’ve left my :proofgrade: woods standing on their edge rather than laying flat. They’ve warped a bit. What do I do to unwarp? Just a matter of laying them flat for a while with some heavy books? Run the shower to get some extra humidity or something?

Thanks for any advice!


I would guess just lay them flat and wait, with maybe some book or something for some weight. I would think steaming them would cause the masking to release, but I’ll defer to the professionals and see what they say :smile:


Well, that’s 3 for 3 if I include my own guess. I think I’ll give that a shot. I’d hate to lose my :proofgrade: because I accidentally treated it badly.

Thanks, guys!


Make it 4 for 4.

I’ve done that. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Laying it flat will remove “most” of the warping. Enough that some good magnets should hold it flat enough for cutting.


I wouldn’t accept that. it moved one way, the proper influence will coax it back. If the results of weighting it flat doesn’t fully correct it, you could stand it opposite at a bit more of a tilt… and if all else fails support the edges and weight the middle. Take no prisoners.


If weight alone doesn’t work, moisten it.



Thanks, gang!

Kinda can’t do that with the tape on it. That’s why I was thinking about the shower. But @kennethclapp’s probably right about that.

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Oops. Looks like I need to do some more research into proofgrade materials. Sorry to steer you wrong.

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Lay flat in slightly humid environment, possibly with weight on it.

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Not at all! Appreciate any help!


I left a sheet of veneer in my glowforge for a few days… A few very humid days. It was held down by magnets and some pieces of slate. They were all lifted up from the warping of the sheet. I’m trying to flatten it now.

I might try the shower trick, that might work!


Lots of good opinions here. Depending on what your local humidity levels are you may need to add some to coax the wood fibers along. I like to take a shower and have the wood on the counter next to the sink. Then I’ll put it under weight in my bedroom after the shower.

If you take long showers then this may be too much humidity for the masking.

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