Warped wood from Glowforge...again!

Sorry to vent, but I’m frankly a bit tired of getting poor quality material. I ordered some plywood from GF, and when I opening it up, 8 out of 10 panels were warped! We’re talking about the thick walnut plywood, and some of them are warped to the point where even clips won’t hold keep it flat against the bed of my GF. This has been happening pretty frequently, but not 80% of one order. Anyone have any luck with ‘fixing’ this issue, or getting replacement wood?

Very frustrating, especially when I need to fulfill an order, and have to put a stop to all other production because the amount of materials I planned out won’t work.

As you are aware, organic materials are subject to environmental forces that can cause warping. I have had some luck flattening plywood by getting warped boards damp and then pressing them under weights.


Thanks, I’ll give that a try. But…80% of the product warped? That is quite ridiculous, even by ‘environmental forces’ standards. :wink:

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Did you email support about replacing them?


I did. It’s just frustrating how many times this has happened in the past and how progressively worse it got.

I’d be mad, too. They don’t know there’s a problem if you don’t report it tho so good on you for doing so.


Contact support and ask for them to replace the material, that’s what I had them do. :slight_smile:

PS. I used to live in Phoenix, AZ where it’s always dry and hot but the materials had a mind of their own and warped like no tomorrow, they let me keep the warped materials but I never used them… last year I moved to Hawaii and took the materials with me… wouldn’t you know it, they’re flat as can be now.


This makes sense, actually. It’s not necessarily warped when they send it, but may warp due to conditions as it travels. It makes sense it would all warp as it’s gone through the same conditions.


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