Warping material and missing cuts, burned under-bellies

Hi there,
I’m having some issues with my Pro Unit.

A lot of my materials have started warping (veneers totally curled up, maple plywood bowing about 3mm from end to end).

Is this expected?

Also, when I do a larger print, it seems to skip a bunch of cuts in the upper left area of the bed. Is this expected?

Lastly, using proofgrade material, I’m seeing a lot of burn marks that affect the bottom of the proofgrade materials, even through the stickers.


Yes, warping is to be expected. You should store your materials flat in as dry a manner as possible. If you place a weight on them they may stay flatter.


You will need to be more specific when you say it is skipping cuts. The file, layout, settings… all sorts of things could cause that.

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If you see all these hearts, everything printed fine except the text in the upper right-most heart which was set to engrave Draft quality.

I thought I had included an upload here?

Unfortunately your picture didn’t come through. You might try putting the files you want to upload into a zip and uploading that. Perhaps discourse ate your svg.

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I haven’t checked the file in detail yet but one thought… It takes a very long time to render this file. I assume it will also take a long time to Process for printing. After it Processes and you select Print, if you don’t wait for the entire preview image to populate before pressing the Print button on the GF it often will not print everything. Were you not aware of this?

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That is news to me. Is that documented somewhere?

Don’t know if it has made it into the official instructions yet, but it’s known on the forum. You need to wait until the preview populates completely before sending the item to be printed.

For extremely large complex files that can take up to several minutes, and it’s easy to send it to print incomplete.

that’s probably what happened to me. Thanks!


Thanks so much for asking.

@ben1 is correct, storing your materials flat in a dry place is best. You can read our recommendations here.

@rpegg and @jules, thank you for the advice. It sounds like this is the likely cause. If you are still having trouble after your file fully renders, please let us know.

Regarding the burn marks, would you please:

  1. Does this happen on all prints and materials, or just some? If so, which ones are you seeing the issue with?
  2. There are four dimples for the feet of the crumb tray to sit in. Wipe them with a damp tissue or cloth. Please make sure your crumb tray is fully seated in the dimples.
  3. If you still notice burn marks, please let us know the time and date of the print, and include a photo of the bottom of the material.
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It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.