I am home at the moment but am gonna ask ahead of time before I get home and take a photo of the warping. I have been experiencing my designs being warped as if I created a perfect circle to be cut but it ends up be cut like something is making the glowforge move and it does it all the time. Any ideas why this happens?

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It sounds like either something is obstructing movement of the laser arm, or the laser arm is crooked, which would also lead to continuous cuts not ending where they started. Here are Glowforge’s troubleshooting guides for both issues:


And this one:


Pune the problem, it’s a dial that’s broken or worn out which is causing the distort, is there a replacement?

Found the problem, it’s the dial which needs to be replaced. Is there a quick replacement for this?

Unfortunately sold out. Given the time of year, I would expect it to be some time before they are back in-stock.


I have a 3mm hex key but it won’t get in, I’m afraid to push it hard and break the laser head off the rack

The laser head should be removed and set aside, and the carriage plate removed from the rail, before you go to change a wheel on the plate. Follow the same steps you take when cleaning the air assist fan on the back of the plate.


Great, I stripped the screw head, the hex won’t fit anymore

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