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@cher8754. Please. If you would, continue where you left off.

Again… I agree with you. You didn’t receive a working unit from the start and as such the warranty should not be impinged waiting for the product you purchased to arrive.

We just don’t want to hijack other people’s support tickets to discuss it.


I apologize for hijacking another person support ticket. I guess I did not realize how it all works.

This conversation is about a unit that would be shipped from GF to the consumer, and it was damaged in the factory, and is shipped that way. This is not about a unit that was damaged by the carrier.

The discussion is about the warranty for that unit. GF’s policy is for the warranty to start upon shipment. Thus, if the machine arrives with this damage, and the consumer must wait for 4 weeks for a new machine, when should the warranty begin? Is it fair to the consumer to lose, perhaps, 2 months of the warranty, when never having had a workable machine.

And I am with the other person that said if they are saying 4 weeks lead time before you get a working unit… Just cancel the order and return it. When you are credited for that return, purchase a new unit. Perhaps doing so from amazon even so you can get their extended warranty (which I did not know about either). If they were going to ship one out immediately and you lost a few days off of the warranty I wouldn’t have that much of a problem with it. But a month or two? That’s too much time to lose from a warranty that is rather valuable given the amount of issues that the GF can have that requires a return to the mothership.

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To go further into the warranty topic, a normal warranty would not cover a damaged item being shipped from the warehouse. That is on the business, and that is the business’ loss. As to an item being damaged in transit, well, that is what insurance is for. A business knows that their product will have some defects. That is why they offer a warranty. The GF warranty policy, I believe, is being loosely interrupted to include damaged items from the factory. It is my belief that their warranty swings too much in favor of the company.

@jules is correct about what the policy is.

@cher8754 is correct that the policy sucks.


I certainly understand that a machine that is DOA might call for resetting the warranty.

If I were Glowforge, I would try to ascertain that it really was damaged before shipping. How can you prove it was before shipping? How can Glowforge prove it was after shipping.

If it was shipped already damaged, then Glowforge has a clear quality control issue. If it was during shipping, that seems to me part of the purchase agreement and the stated warranty coverage should apply.

This is an important issue and I hope that you get the information and response you need to resolve this.


The machine has a large crack in the plastic housing in the front , and a hole in the center of the crack. There is no damage to the shipping box. I looked for the missing piece, which would fit the hole, but it is not in the shipping box, and, it is not inside the hole. Thus, I came to believe it was damaged before it was shipped. I sent all the photos to GF. I don’t know how to add a photo to this conversation. We lifted the machine out of the box, and set it on the coffee table. That was the only time it was moved. I never even unpacked the inside of the machine.

I would say that it would have taken a great deal of force to smash a hole in the machine. Are the machines packed manually, or are they packed by a machine? Does quality control look at each machine, or just randomly? It does not seem that this machine would have been damaged on an assembly line. If I were GF, I would certainly be following up with the manufacturer on this issue to ensure it does not happen again.

All I am asking for is a machine that works and a 12 month warranty. I am not asking for an extended warranty. I am just asking for what was advertised, a new machine and a 12 month warranty. GF will not give me a 12 month warranty on the new machine, and I will not accept any less. We have come an impasse on this.


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