Warranty Replacement Glowforge

Does anyone know how to prove to UPS that a warranty replacement Glowforge is such?

I received (and payed import duty) a Pro model to the UK which was damaged in transit. Glowforge have been great at getting another unit sent out quick to replace it but I have just had the UPS Choices email informing me that I now owe import duty for the full price of a new unit (not the crowd funded price I payed or as I believe is correct nothing except admin costs as it is a warranty replacement)?

HELP? Has anyone had to deal with this with a Glowforge or anything else?

I dont recall seeing this problem mentioned before. I believe that Glowforge are the ones who will have to weigh in on a solution here; you are in the right section for that.

I can imagine that this is something GF will want to ensure is sorted out quick and is not repeated.

Somebody else in the same boat it seems.

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GF should be providing a commercial invoice for customs that indicates a warranty replacement.

If it isn’t indicated properly as a warranty replacement then they will of course assume it is not. I have had in the past where certain individuals have failed their reading and comprehension too… Usually it is sufficient to point out the warranty replacement line on the commercial invoice. This is also one of the reasons why we insist on receiving ALL paperwork relating to cross border shipments at the moment of dispatch.


Yes, I’m in the same boat here. If you find out let me know - and I’ll do the same

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Thanks for the answer @curt, that’s helpful.

@alexiancooper I’ve also followed up in email and we’re working on it there so I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for letting us know about this!