Warranty Start date

Because of pandemic and situations we can’t control, I just wanted to know, does the warranty start the day you pay for the GF or the day you “supposedly” receive the GF? With deliveries being delayed, I just want to know how much time is left to my warranty.

The warranty start date is spelled out pretty clearly in the terms.

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To elaborate a bit…

Keep in mind that the terms of the warranty may change, but currently the policy states:

If you purchase your product from an authorized Glowforge retailer, warranty coverage for your product starts on your original purchase date. If you purchase your product directly from Glowforge, warranty coverage for your product starts on the date of shipment to you (the original purchaser).

If you have any doubts or concerns you should definitely read the full policy that @o-o linked.


Congratulations for having the situation under control…


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