Warranty: what is included

So, apparently in US you are not required to provide a warranty for electronic devices (I thought US was a civilzed country), but you give us the “gift” of a warranty: nice!

Now, what does this include?

I’m going (maybe, if I don’t cancel my order) to spen 900 USD only to have the device shipped.
Let’s suppose that once I open the box, I find that I’ve just good a big and expensive ornament, because it’s broken: should I pay the shipping costs again?

Or you will handle these costs at least?

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See this: http://glowforge.com/blog/were-adding-a-warranty/ if it arrives broken they will sort it out for you. For normal breakages you will have to pay shipping for the parts(internationally) but I think/hope it would be free if broken in transit(should be insured delivery I would hope).

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“For international customers, parts and repairs are free, but shipping is not included.”: so nice to see international customers are always considered a b-series category.