Was anyone wondering if you can make an instagram name tag?

Yes you can! The app has no problem reading a laser cut name tag


I’m not sure whether to be proud of the fact that I have no idea what this means, or feel like an old man.


Por que no los dos?

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Not I. But now I’m sort of wondering “What’s an Instagram name tag?” Guess I’ll have to ask one of the kids when they decide to wake up.


Ditto for me. Either or both reasons are quite valid. :smile:

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Instagram’s version of a qr-scannable tag. Tryna copy Snapchat.

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But since there is no photo or description of the project I question what it is doing in this category.

I’ve yet to use them, but this is what they look like

I’m assuming the background has nothing to do with the scannable area, so I’m guessing that you should be able to laser etch something with just the middle section and have it work. I have a little plaque with my Instagram name so when I go places people just read it. Maybe I could update the design with this so people could just scan it…

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For anybody with an Instagram account you can grab your Name Tag from this link: