Was my glowforge used before I got it? Tube is a little orange? Damage found

Posting this here after not hearing back from GF. It’s nearly the weekend, I was so excited to use my machine!

Hey guys, after a few weeks wait I got 1 of 2 boxes yesterday… and the machine has defects all over it and what looks like use to me. I feel like instead of getting a new unit, I was sold a refurbished model… I’ve found chips in paint, dust inside near the fan, the rubber feet keep coming undone, scratches on the bottom , metal showing previous hardware placement, chipped mirror right as soon as it’s opened, color changes in the metal, etc. As soon as I opened the door the huge glass chip in the center near the door hinge was totally obvious, I thought that it was one of the mirrors and really got stressed right away…

Someone told me the orange coloring of the tube indicates it’s been used before. I know these have to be tested but I’m afraid this was in someone elses possession and will have problems…

Does anyone else have this experience? It’s such a hassle to send back… and I know since it took a few weeks, they are probably tight on inventory but cmon, I’ve purchased HP printers with better quality construction than this… which makes me think this is NOT a new unit… which makes me nervous it’s gonna die on me, because who knows what else could be wrong with it

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These is dust on the top part of the chassis where it meets the caseback, and see the yellow line in the background of this last photo - looks like heat or something caused burning at that seam?

I am sorry to hear that your Glowforge arrived to you in this condition. We’re working to get this resolved now, I’ve followed up with you in our email so I am going to close this thread out.

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