Was printing & engraving yesterday today nothing works HELP

Everything was operating smoothly yesterday, this evening not cutting or engraving. At a roadblock.
Trouble shoot all I knew to do. HELP

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Remember you are asking people who don’t know what that might be to help. Details would help. the more the better.

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Which model Glowforge do you have?

What troubleshooting have you already tried?

What happens when you print a catalog design on Proofgrade material at Proofgrade settings?

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I have a pro, cleaned all the lens, removed the head, cleaned it. Cleaned the fans. I used a maple proof grade to cut and engrave. No laser light that I can see.

I also check the engraving triangle to see id that worked no luck

It sounds like you need some real tech support then. You can call them or open a ticket at https://support.glowforge.com

What is the glass tube that lights up called? It could be a loos wire or this tube. My gut feels like it may be this tube. I do not know the life expectances of any part on this machine. I too, have a plus that is running just fine. Any suggestions?

It’s just called a laser tube! And it’s more likely to be a wiring or power supply issue than the tube, since sudden failure of the tube is extremely rare.

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How would you go about narrowing it down?

You should definitely talk to tech support to confirm that you have a hardware issue. But if it’s either of those things, the resolution would be the same, as neither is something they’ll help you fix in-home. They’ll want the machine back and offer you a warranty replacement, or discounted refurbished replacement, depending on your warranty status.

There’s also a third party repair company you can reach out to for advice or a quote: https://support.glowforge.com/hc/en-us/articles/25839457911195-Repairs-by-Wiregrass-Technologies

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