Was supposed to get replacement... but never got a reply?

Last week I drove canada to usa to pick up my GF, however once at home I realized the front is detached from the lid. I wrote to support on thrusday, and Friday morning I already heard back with the bad news that I have to ship it back, as soon I confirm the same shipping address. I replied asking if there is any chance that I can receive the replacement in Canada, and/or perhaps ship the old from Canada.
have not heard back since.
I regret having asked about the shipping…:bowing_man: if that’s why I got the silent treatment…
I have wrote back every few days, I think I wrote a new email to support (as opposed to just replying to original) and got the new ticket opened canned message, but no reply. I checked the spam.

I’m very tempted to just say “screw it” and just go ahead and glue it myself…

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Be patient, I’m sure you will hear something. Trying to glue it yourself has the potential to make the situation worse.

Man, it would be torturous to sit and look at that thing you waited 2 years for!

I did the same thing but I had to drive the old one back across the border and have the new one ship to the same US address.

Granted - I did not ask because I had a feeling that the answer was no… but that was just my assumption…

I’m with you - screw it and just glue the thing on yourself? But can you run a few projects? Just to make sure nothing else is broken or loose?

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Wait. That is all. It doesn’t speed things up at all to keep hounding them, it actually slows things down.

And if they said it had to be replaced, don’t try to glue it…wait. :upside_down_face:

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@jules what did you base that on? and is it acceptable nto not reply to a customer support ticket in a week

@SunnyStarbucks I technically could run it, but I don’t think it would be nice to foul up a new machine that I know I will return… now they have to reglue the piece and that’s it. if I use it they might need to change all kind of pieces…

yea no. If they say they will respond in 3 days and they don’t then they should be hounded.

Doesn’t do any good in my experience.

Hounding them just gives them more tickets to sort through, and that doesn’t help anybody, and uses up other people’s resources to boot.

It’s already been stated that opening a ticket both here and via direct email moves your request to the back of the line, because they have to match up the tickets and delete one.

They will get to it as soon as they can. :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh I meant to say if you were going to glue and keep it - you should run it to make sure nothing else is broken.

I’m sure they will run test on it when they it back.

They will tell you to keep the tray and just ship the Glowforge back

In many cases, it’s best to hound. One of the more famous examples is the now nearly obsolete telephone. The story is that some engineer at Bell Labs realized that if the switch is overloaded from everybody trying to make a call at once (e.g. Mother’s Day), servicing the queue oldest-first sounds fair, but you can never catch up and every customer experiences an outage. Instead, you actually give priority to the most recent calls, so people either get a dial tone right away, or they hang up and try again.

The math is interesting and extends to customer service as well. Crazy unintuitive, but taking customers in the order they lined up produces the worst level of service.

The curse of the first-in-first-out queue discipline


keep in mind that -unlike the bell lab example- opening a new ticket doesn’t necessarily close the old one, so I might get both fifo and lifo chance of being served…

Except Dan has explicitly stated multiple tickets will slow down the resolution. Contact away but it seems if would be best to keep contact within the original ticket.

I would also add that I didn’t open a new ticket: I replied to the existing ticket. I only opened a new ticket -non intentionally, really- on Wednesday, 5 days after not hearing back. fearing that perhaps I wasn’t getting the replies, I wrote to support with the subject “in regards to ticket XXXXXX” but got the auto reply that opened a new ticket…

either way, still no reply. a few more days than I’m posting a roast video on youtube. I’m debating if I should do it in song form, those get more viral sometimes


My advice remains … just wait. They have the tickets, they consider redelivery a top priority, they are working on building the replacement and yours is a special issue due to your being in a frozen area so it might take a bit longer, they might be trying to come up with a glue that withstands the lower temperatures so you don’t have to do it again… just wait.