Was this an oversight?

So I watched the live announcement about the magic canvas and missed a small part but I was reached out to by a fellow glowforge user who pointed out that we can in fact use the new photo editor for our own photos instead of the AI photos. Then others were telling me that they said that we couldn’t during the live stream. So I had to try it for myself and it turns out that we can use our own photos after all for it.

Here’s a video I made and shared with some groups on how to use it and it turns out I wasn’t alone on this confusion:

I am not sure if this was intentional for this to be used for our own photos from the mixed messages I’ve been getting but as of right now it works for premium members it appears and I thought I’d share it with people who would benefit from it.

I’d love to see more features added to this as well like an auto background remover or a negative option for acrylic engraving or painted tiles.


Thanks for the update! I missed that too!


No problem anytime. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I see people using this as a easy starter for engraving photos


I understood their statement to mean that we were unable to create AI images based off of our personal images.


Hmm. Could that be an attempt to head off liability for deepfakes?


That makes sense. I was wondering why people were telling me that. I am just glad this is an option and I didn’t see it highlighted in the live for own photos.


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