Wasting material

Still learning how to use my GF. Wondering how I can position a pattern closer to the edge so as to not waste so much material. When a patter renders it appears to be right at the edge, but it really has a 1-1/2" edge.

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The top and left side of a full sheet of PG is unavailable and out of view of the camera so what looks like edge is actually quite a bit in. The LOWER RIGHT corner though is usually completely in view. It’s counterintuitive but if you place your artwork down there you can get a lot closer.


Also, have you run the calibration? That should allow your placement to be very close (minus the top and left side of a full sheet of PG that @ekla mentioned).

I buy non proof grade wood and cut my sheets at 10 x 18 inches. That way I can use every inch.

Complete the lid camera calibration. Always use the set focus tool, and orient your artwork relative to the lower right corner. If you look at the printhead in the home position, you will realize that it cannot print behind itself or any further left. There will always be material at the top and left that is unreachable. This material can be used for smaller items when you flip the board after using up the rest.

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I usually start in the right bottom corner, preferably with a piece that doesn’t need engraving (needs bigger margin), and then work my way around the board, rotating, or turning it upside down, in order to use all available space.

With calibration and set focus and precise placement (the little box in the lower right corner), I can routinely place stuff within a millimeter or less.

I often buy 18 x24 and use the passthrough. When making earsavers I did not have a piece bigger than the inside of the flexies hole left.

Thanks for the answers everyone, good suggestions! I’m going to close this thread - if you have further questions, go ahead and post a new topic.