Watching " The " video!

So guys, … here I was coasting around the forums out of bleak despair…or rather…drunken loneliness …and decided to watch the best video I have ever seen…you know the one… " The Original " GlowForge video… we all love and cherish. ( ok maybe a little overboard ) but yes I did watch it again , for the Nth time. It has filled me up again with intense pleasure, to know that someday I shall have one of these " God Eyes ". Also that is the time I remember saying ooh ooh shinies ! Me WANT ! HULK WANT !so I took out a loan day after seeing shinies and bought shinies.


“Here, take a cookie. I promise, by the time you’re done eating it, you’ll feel right as rain.”

Yessirree, if there was ever anything that line from the Matrix described, it’s the Glowforge video! :slight_smile:


I’m thinking pot cookie though…but that’s just me…not that I have any experience with such a thing …lol:wink:


This is the most heart rending thing I have seen since Wash took a revers pike to the chest. I have tried to buffer the wait by using the stuff I already have but the new projects keep me going “damn this is a job for the Glowforge”.


Ah, you’re in one of THOSE 4 states (possibly). :wink:

Soon enough it will be fully legal country wide here in Canada. :+1:


Nope …livin in Tax…errrr Massachusetts…although medical is legal…not the same as Colorado…lol