Waves is really pretty, but


…it sure does make a mess in your 'forge!


That exact piece inspired me to mount a baby shop vac next to my 'forge.


Looks like this is the time you just pick up the entire crumb tray and find the nearest trash receptacle. :sunglasses::glowforge:


Is it wrong to be scared to do that in my newly commissioned squeaky clean glowforge?!?!? :worried:


Tape. :wink:


Ah… tape after cutting before removing @Jules


Yep! Press it down right across the top, then when you lift it off the bed, all the bits come along for the ride!

( Well, most of them do!) :grin:


Thanks for the hand hold @Jules doesn’t seem as scary now! Even tempted to give that design a whirl, once I’ve learnt to drive my GF a bit more. Only recently popped the founders ruler! :+1:


I heard someone say once that the first thing they did when they got home with a new car was grab a hammer and give it a ding. That way they didn’t have to go through all the anxiety of trying to prevent it getting its first ding.

I don’t know if I totally buy their application of the concept, but in the case of the GlowForge, dude, GO GET THAT THING DIRTY! :grinning:


I have logged the longest, the largest, and the thinnest made on bOb, but that wave was without a doubt the messiest (even with tape).


Vacuum cleaner for the win! :slight_smile:

And @geek2nurse is right. Tear it up! Glowforge wants to get dirty!


It came out beautifully! I like that design but can’t come up with a use for it…


It’s fun to just hold, and look at, and stroke… :crazy_face:


My first forge (warranty issues) I was amazed by the surgically clean asthetic of it, but after hundreds of cuts, it would get quite dirty. Got to the point that even when I cleaned it, it was still pretty dirty in the hard to reach places.

Wasn’t until I got the replacement that I remembered how great they look clean. Honestly, though, having a clean mentality will only slow down your creativity! Like everyone else says, get in there and make some messes! (Not to say you shouldn’t clean it now and again :sweat_smile:)


I feel you. I don’t think I’m ever going to get all the little pieces out of the bed after doing a few cuts like that.


I shake the tray and a piece falls out and I think “Finally, I got them all out.” And then I shake it again. It rattles in the most mocking of ways. :slight_smile:


But they don’t sell replacment trays yet. Guess that’s why we 3d print tray replacement lifters. :crazy_face:


Someone used it to hang earrings for display.


They do sell replacement trays…


i haven’t bothered to cut it. if they gave us that pattern as an SVG file that we could use, i could find plenty of uses for parts of it. Think of that as a side of a pencil box or a tealight. it would look nice. but a set proportion piece that can only be cut as a sheet… not a lot of use for that.