Wazer: Personal Waterjet Cutter (Kickstarter)

I just came across the pre-Kickstarter notice for this droolworthy tool. Man, I would love to have the ability to cut glass at home. It’ll be interesting to see if they can solve the problem of the microparticle abrasives gumming up the machine, which is a huge problem for waterjets.



Hmmm… so I guess what we need here is a cost efficiency Pie chart. Or just some pie. This would absolutely fill in the hard end of things tougher than what the Glowforge can handle. Wonder what the size of the bed is. hard to tell without any reference points. Guess 12x16? Maybe 14x18?

Ah. Website has a pic of them with it. Guessing the whole thing is 2x3.5? Can’t tell what the actual cutting area will be. Ah well. Signed up for e-mail announcements.


I’ll be watching this one, hopefully it looks like it’ll be worth backing!

I wonder what price they’ll be shooting for. I don’t think I’d spring for anything over $5000 unless it looked VERY impressive (like cutting 1" thick material with a decent surface finish).

Now someone needs to make a desktop EDM machine. Or a desktop drop-forge!


Wowzers!! I be wantin’ one of those! :grinning:

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I’m sure FedEx, UPS, and/or USPS will make these like experts come this Winter. :worried:


This looks interesting:https://3dprint.com/74651/edm-3d-printer-add-on/

I spend half my masters fixing up and old, burned sinker edm. Got really good at finding and replacing worn out relays. The dreams I had of a nice wire edm :slight_smile:


I see what you did there! Let’s hope not! :grinning:

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The team behind Wazer did their senior project to create a low cost pulse pressure waterjet. Their paper could be found online at one time, but I can’t seem to find it this morning! Video of their senior project: https://youtu.be/1qiMELAMxes

I’d love to see them add something similar to Glowforge’s “passthrough” - that’d really increase the potential.


I’d sure like to have something like that in my own home shop!

Thanks for the link! I had seen that video (and even commented on it) a year ago, but I apparently forgot all about it. I wonder if there are others who have refined the process of DIYing an EDM and shared their findings.

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Awesome stuff, thanks. Signed up for their updates. I’m not sure I’ll go for the kickstarter but definitely interested in the product. It will be interesting to see where they land on pricing/cost.


@hirudin - have you seen Ben Fleming’s DIY EDM design?


He sells the book “Build a Pulse EDM Machine” along with a circuit board for the project. The book is $55 on his web site and $200 on Amazon so buyer beware.


I almost ordered this a few months ago, until I got distracted by other projects. Has anyone else tried it out? I’m still thinking to pick up a copy.
Oh, and I’d ignore the Amazon price - it’s from a 3rd party seller, and they sometimes do weird things with huge markups on items that they don’t actually have. (This is my guess, based on the fact that a few years ago my band had our cd listed on Amazon, and almost immediately after we listed it some company we’d never heard of was offering it for $230.)


I really wish I had a spare $5K just sitting around burning a hold in my pocket but in this case I think I’ll wait until the product is out and the local maker space grabs one.



Our Kickstarter campaign goes live in less than one week! On Monday, September 12th, at 9AM EST!

It’s been a great summer building the new WAZER prototype, and we have to say, it’s looking pretty sweet.

The team is finally back in NYC ready to launch the campaign. We’ve been answering a lot of questions over email about the WAZER specs, and all of that information will be laid out in full detail on our page and website once we go live.

But most people have been curious about price. How affordable can a desktop waterjet be?

Today we’re thrilled to announce that WAZER will be sub-$5k!

We will be offering WAZER at a significant discount on Kickstarter as a way of rewarding our earliest supporters.

We’ve made some cool things

Like this custom knife, made of D2 tool steel, copper and carbon fiber, all cut with WAZER.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or thoughts, and follow us on social media!

All the best,
Nisan and Matt

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It seems like this is the tool that all the small Homebrew Cnc shops need to cut the gantry and z axis plates.

First time I saw water jet cut stone inlay was almost as magical as the first time I saw laser engraving!

I couldn’t help but wonder how the abrasive was added to the stream. Seems even ceramics would have a short service life for a force that will cut granite almost like a saw in wood.


I’ve been watching and reading up on all kinds of CNC machines. The whole tool path discussion and turning the design into something the machine can work on is not trivial. That Glowforge is rolling their own mojo is a major thing. Here is a good video that explains the whole process on a water jet and demos a cut.
John Saunders at NYC CNC channel on YouTube has some great videos on all aspects of CNC.


Wow! OK, carbide nozzle.
Garnet driven by 55,000 psi, and air is the abrasive for etching…
Thanks Marion!

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The Wazer guys e-mailed me about a month ago to ask about what I’d envision using the Wazer for (presumably because I’m on their mailing list, and explicitly because several people on this thread joined the mailing list as well). Nisan and I had a nice little back and forth about not just projects and materials, but community and outreach. When I mentioned that I strongly encouraged them to take a look at the Glowforge forum and how the company was handling many aspects of the community outreach, he assured me that they’re modeling a lot of how they work on our community. It was nice to see.


Nice I’ll need to take another look…

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