We are all disappointed but a quick reminder

I want to make it clear that i am not affiliated with Glowforge in anyway (except that i pre-ordered a Basic model).

Now i know everyone is disappointed, tension & emotions are running high and i have seen demands in threads from everything from personal responses from @Dan through to audits of how the business is run.
People have pointed out that they have pre-ordered and will lose money on the businesses they planned to use the Glowforge for.

I want to post something relevant to all this… it is that which we all agreed to when we pre-ordered.
It is the Terms & Conditions.

Please Note Item 5:

Shipping and Delay. The Products are not ready for delivery. Shipping will commence no sooner than December 1, 2015, and may commence substantially later. Any shipping date is an estimate only, and the actual shipping date for any accepted pre-order will depend on a variety of factors including manufacturing schedule, and the dates of your pre-order, your completed pre-order, and when we accept your completed pre-order. Commencement of shipping is subject to change without notice to you. …

This is VERY clear.
I personally would like to have more transparency as to the processes of Glowforge, i have said this right since the forums first started… but i have no RIGHT to demand that.
I would like a Glowforge on my desk right now… but it is not there. I am happy to wait… if i was not i would then action…

Section 4:

Specifications; Refunds. … If you request a refund at any time before we accept your pre-order, we will process it promptly, and we will refund the full amount you paid. …

@Dan has made it clear this is freely available to anyone who cannot bear waiting longer or is too mistrusting of the companies direction.

Now i can imagine Glowforge have not made an effort to point out these T&C for fear of further inflaming some people’s attitudes. But after reading some of the (extreme to ludicrous) comments about ‘what Glowforge should do etc etc’ i feel a quick reminder is due.

tl:dr - These are the Terms and Conditions you agreed to. Glowforge have not deviated from them


Stop confusing things with facts. Next thing you’re going to say is that the moon landing wasn’t faked.

Sheesh, some people will do just about anything to put a fire out.

Spoilsport :wink:


I hold Dan and Glowforge personally responsible for the non-faked moon landing


Ding ding ding…you sir should win a prize…no one ever reads the fine print…
Honestly I skimmed through it all because I just wanted the Glowforge…lol. Don"t remember that part
But you are correct…everyone who bought in agreed on that so there you go kids…stop your complaining…:wink:
Thank you for pointing this out!


@jordanloshinsky …Noooooo, don’t go!!!

wrong thread?

Quite possibly. Just checking for reactions on the K40 FB page, Jordan’s name popped up, best place to urge him to reconsider.

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They still intend to fake the moon landing, but it’s a labor of love and they’re not going to release it until it’s the absolute best fake lunar landing anyone has ever seen. :smiley:


It’s a consideration. Sadly the feature list of the GF is really nice, and the other models suggested in the forum get very expensive , while not having the same features. I am absolutely not going with a cheap Chinese unit as the only thing I can find about them is that it takes months to get going.

So me and the wife decide to take the weekend to research alternatives while also cooling off. No decision yet. Also as we have to get the GF across the border, so we have another $600 bill more or less for taxes and tariffs. For 6k plus, we are trying to make a well thought out choice. Also it would take 1-2 months I assume to get an alternative product, and another 1-2 to get it running if no problems. So really that puts us in ball park GF shipping time frame.

We are pissed off but trying to not be rash.


That’s not correct. I had mine engraving it’s Hello World test within a couple of hours.

Check out the Google K40 group and the 100W laser group.

If you get a bad one, then you have issues but most people get fully functioning units. Once you get it though you’ll find the instructions overall suck but there is support in the Google groups (although I got mine installed & up and running before I found the groups). Then after you use it and you interact with other users you’ll find that they’re dead bang simple machines and offer a great platform for tweaking & upgrading with a lot of people making stuff that can upgrade the machine - it’s just a 2-axis CNC after all.

But I’m still getting a GF Pro to go with the K40 :slight_smile:


Not trying to sway you either way but I’m assuming you’re purchasing as a work tool so you know you can claim the GST back right? Actually I’m guessing you’re in Ontario so you should be able to claim the whole tax back. Or at the very least claim as a trade tool.

I’m in the same boat, cooling down and researching, but I don’t see anything in the cnc or laser world that has more pros than cons over the Glowforge.

But pointing that out doesnt mean anything. Whether we read that line specifically or not, i think everyone here knew that it COULD be delayed. Thats not really why people are angry. Theyre upset because if the communication. This delay was likely obvious for weeks but we didnt find out until now. Just because the customer agreed to a purchase that could be delayed without notice doesnt mean communication deficiencies are going to fly with the customer base


More Ontario people? Yessssssss

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Nope, just a BC accountant that likes tax rebates…:+1:


Ugh you go away with your zone 9 growing capabilities :wink:

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Lol I wish. I’m in the interior,zone 4, and currently avoiding shovelling my driveway.

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Hahaha oh nooooooo.

I feel you tho, I’m in London and get all of that lovely lake effect snow from Huron.

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Have you considered a Spark Laser SP4000? I think they are are in Victoria, BC. I almost bought that one. They I think import a very high quality machine from China to their specifications. That machine has continuous auto focus. They sell rotary attachments too. They are a little higher priced than GF. - Rich

Not op but relatedly I was looking at them last night. They seem to produce some nice quality stuff, would absolutely snag one if I had some extra disposable cash at the moment.

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BC here too!!

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