We Are The World


Saw a cool video of someone hand routing a globe map onto wood and at first I thought, wow, CNC machines are such a time saver, and the second thing I thought was how grateful I am for my laser. He filled his with resin, and the end product was fantastic. Seeing the map finished reminded me of a tile I had engraved a while back, and I was inspired to turn it into a sign. I don’t have any resin, but I think if someone else filled theirs with resin a sign like this would be even more cool.

Two layers of Draftboard, painted and glued together. Friendly tip, find cursive fonts so you don’t have to individually place the letters! The last sign I made was a lot more time consuming :sweat_smile:


Came out very nice!


Great job, I love it!


Nice neat piece.


Oh yeah, it really came out nice! Resin would be good as well, it’s kind of fun to play with–you should give it a try!


Very nice! Resin would indeed be cool on this.


Pretty! Now I have that song stuck in my head…


Glad I’m not the only one! I was inspired by it :grin: