We could all use some good news

There’s a lot of bad news out there, here’s some good.

Reasons to be cheerful is the newsletter headed by David Byrne, lead singer of the band of The Talking Heads.


One year ago tomorrow I sat in an excellent seat in the Hudson Theater enjoying American Utopia. David Byrne is remarkable on many levels. Thanks for this.

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Fox theater, Atlanta for me. Outstanding show. Haven’t watched the HBO version yet, need to get on that.


The HBO version was excellent. I missed being able to focus on exactly what I wanted to watch like you can at the show, but the additional overhead shots and close ups were a nice trade off.

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Thanks for that. The “News” is very effective at warping one’s perception so it seems there is more bad in the world than actually exists. The latest murder of a person is pumped to your psyche - there are over 7 billion of us, and most are well adjusted.
Good news is sorely needed.


bad news helps sell ads. sad but true.

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