We have the best customers

Holy mackerel I was on cloud nine yesterday. After a number of reports of Glowforge stowaways gone AWOL, I sent out a task force to find the missing goodies. They searched the returned Glowforge units for the amazing things some of you smuggled back to us in your returns. It turned out that they’d been carefully set aside when the boxes were opened, and today we unveiled everything at the company meeting, to the incredible delight and excitement of the whole company.

@cynd11 sent in a wonderful note and some truly amazing Glowforge treasures. You can’t tell now, but that walnut box has a glow in the dark logo. Yes, I stuck it under my shirt to confirm since it’s a rare sunny day in Seattle!


But wait until you see what’s inside the box… Breathtaking!


Finishing off @cynd11’s incredible shipment was a bundle of chips and licorice in all sorts of eccentric flavors. Best of all, they were packaged in a Glowforge-made box.


Then we have this spectacular wooden engrave by @dwardio. I couldn’t read some of the languages, but I did recognize the Glowforge logo! I think now I can say I speak Glowforge? :slight_smile:


@karaelena, Yves, and their dogs certified us as awesome, so I call that a win for today.

@jamesdhatch sent us a beautiful plaque, too. The chocolate isn’t just for scale. We found a colossal bag of chocolates inside his PRU return. I’d show the rest of the bag, but they may have all been eaten already…

Thank you all so much for the awesome gifts! And if you sent us something and we haven’t found it yet, let me know!

Did I mention we have the best customers ever? :slight_smile:


Now I feel insufficient in that I did not include any special items when I had to return my GF basic.


That’s amazingly wonderful! Very thoughtful.

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And yes, the scavenger hunt is not over. :smile:


These are awesome!

Those are some wonderful choices. :grinning:

You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed the trinkets and treats. It’s the least I could do after enjoying the PreRelese Unit for so long!


Awesomeness from some great people!

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Way to go PRU people! :sunglasses:
Thanks for sharing those Dan.

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I learned from yours—was going to send some local St Louis suds. :wink:

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Has anyone decoded the Elvish yet? :smile:


Scribes are hard at work.


@dan have you found anything about the bringer of fire?

I told @rita and the team that we were still one amazing customer delivery short and to keep looking! :slight_smile:

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The mountain should look like Mt Rainier. :slight_smile: I figured it was an appropriate stand-in for the mountain where the Rings were forged :wink: