We need help

We need help our machine is stuck on “Lid Open”

i moved this to community support, which will give you a better chance of getting help.

In the few times I have received this erro, I found that the door was not fully closed. I know this is not overly helpful but it is a start. i

also, if you have placed a magnet near your door, remove it and see it that helps.


The sensors that detect that the lid is open are connected to the black ribbon cable along the back of the lid. It’s a fairly common failure point. If all other factors have been eliminated, support will likely want you to replace that as a next-step.


Generally, if the cable has failed you will get an error the ‘camera failed to take a picture’.
Check that the clips that secure the cable ends are not open. One on the back wall of the machine, and one on each side of the lid where the lights are connected.


Don’t forget to check the front drop-down door. It will also throw that error if it’s not fully clicked in place.


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