We Need This Glowforge Accessory

Undoubtedly many of us, most of us?, have 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 year-old paintings, pottery, mosaics and unclassified objects of dubious provenance that need restoring. Why can’t we use our laser? Clearly, this is something glowforge needs to work on.

Sure it is a Er:YAG laser, but how much difference could there really be? And note their filter - it’s the thing that looks like a pneumatic tube hanging down from the ceiling. Not only is it great for removing smoke, but if you accidentally free an ancient ghoul, ghost, curse, etc… it’s efficiently whisked away.


Previously and related:

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I did a quick search; must have used the wrong keywords. That’s typical for me.

I wrote the original post and even I had a hard time finding it. I had to search three times before I found it. :slight_smile:
I just thought you’d find it interesting, I think they’re different videos?

Yes they are. The one in the OP is a Byzantine wall painting, at almost ten minutes and yours is a statue at about three minutes.

Therefore statues are only 30% as cool as Byzantine wall paintings. :slight_smile:

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