We need to keep the box?!


I appreciate the humor here, but don’t think this would qualify as helpful.


Actually, most people are close enough to someone who has enough space in tbeir place to store the box, and making some GF items for them would be reasonable payment in return.


Remember that GF is in a bit of a tough situation here. If something goes wrong and they ship you a box later to ship the machine back, that’s going to cost them not a lot less than shipping the machine in the first place. And if you create your own packaging, any machine that didn’t need complete replacement before it headed back to the factory likely will when it arrives.


I think he was referring to the box as a place to store the abandoned car…:slight_smile:


Hi @dan

I’m hoping that you can respond to this thread. Are there any alternatives beyond 1) storing a large box that can’t be broken down or compacted, for at least a year, or 2) forgoing my right to receive warranty repairs.

I live in Seattle. Would it ever be possible to bring my Glowforge to your office instead of shipping it via UPS? As another alternative, could you offer a low-cost option to ship an empty box in the event of warranty repairs, similar to what Apple does when a customer sends in a MacBook or iMac for warranty repair.

I don’t have space for the box unless it’s broken down and would prefer not to have to store it at all.




Just as another point of reference, Glowforge is not the only company with this policy. I have a Roland GX-24 24" vinyl cutter that needed warranty repair a few years ago, and I was required to save the box and ship it back in the original box for the repair.


I’m afraid not - it’s a tremendously expensive box + foam, and then costs and arm and a leg to ship, so unfortunately the only alternative is for us to sell you a replacement if you get rid of it.


Just for my curiosity, is the cost in the few tens of dollars or in the hundreds.


I believe he has mentioned elsewhere that the cost of the packaging is $200.


Yes but hard to believe for some cardboard and foam when bought in large quantities.


I have no trouble believing it. Send out for some quotes and see for yourself!


Have done for smaller custom boxes in much smaller quantities. Should be proportional to area not volume.


Pretty good at math but still not sure how larger area on three sides doesn’t relate to volume. But either way, you have to add shipping of the empty box 1 way to us along with the very large custom foam bits. Can’t ship a flat pack. Guessing shipping of the empty box would not be insignificant.


For the cardboard, sure. But not for the foam.


Well foam is mostly air…


Probably getting hit for dimensional weight because of the size. It’s like AMT, if they can’t get the $ one way (weight) they’ll get it another (by size) :slightly_smiling_face:


Losers, and it would be a truck not a car. Sheesh. :slight_smile:


How about an inter-GF-owners box lending library ?
Like bucket chain ?
Oh all right, it’s a crazy idea…:upside_down_face:
Put all the foam and small bits in a trash bag in the attic/loft.
Flatten the box, and as above.
If you need to ship it, assemble the box with metal/plastic angle around all the edges, and wrap the whole thing in saran-wrap (?) + tape.


FYI, UPS charges based on the weight or box size, whichever is more. Depending where you are located in the US, shipping an EMPTY box of the GF size via UPS Ground can cost $80 or more…so that is probably a good part of the $200, with additional cardboard wrapped around it so as not to damage the shipping box in transit.


I don’t know if anyone else has already mentioned this (I don’t think so, but I could have missed it), but is anyone else concerned that the box will be in terrible condition in the event we do need to send the printer back because it got damaged in transit? It doesn’t do much good to save a shredded box