We need to keep the box?!


Makes sense, @jbmanning5 . It’s not likely that I will need warranty support. When I need to take my Glowforge from home down to the shop, I’ll just need to spend some time & effort trying to repair the box first.


These are still considered “early production” units, and there have been a large number of units that have required replacement.

Prudence dictates that one should hold on to, and take care of, their box at least until the warranty expires.


I don’t bother. I screw the gantries back in using the knobs and I lock the head in with the plastic piece and then I stick it in the back of the SUV. No foam, no box. It’s not going to be tossed around, flipped over or tilted, tipped or dropped. It doesn’t need the foam & box for local transport.


I did the same thing. I unboxed it at the office and stowed away the packaging in the rafters of our warehouse and took the bagged GF home.

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…until you jam on your brakes because someone jumps out into traffic or a dog/child/squirrel/deer/thing you don’t want to hit wanders into the street…

I might err on the box side of caution.


Nope. I’ve got a Rav4 so it just fits nicely behind the seats and I’ve got a rubber mat under it so it’s not sliding anywhere.

Now if I get rear-ended that’s another issue but then someone’s insurance is going to be buying me a new GF in addition to the car. :slight_smile:


Yup. While taking my telescope (GF equivalent value) to a HS class up in the mountains back in '97 (does Hale-Bopp ring a bell?), we were involved in a head-on collision. Our Jeep Cherokee was totaled, but my 'scope in it’s Pelican-like case was unscathed, other than needing to be re-collimated. I’d use the box & foam.


Anyone wants to sell the Glowforge Pro shipping box for $50? I live in bay area in CA. I can pick it up by myself.

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